Check also whether there is any surface around the product. The best way to determine whether there is problem is through physical inspection of that container. Check for rust, and opt for those that are with few of such problems. If the rust is many then it is evidence that the product is getting weak. You should avoid deformed container as much as possible.  

Furthermore, check the inside and check whether there is light from the inside.  


When you are satisfied that the product is the ideal, then you have to negotiate for the price with the seller. The price depends on the condition of the container as well as quality. If you are buying a new container, you should expect to pay more. If on the other hand it is used, you could pay less but that depends on other conditions that were listed above.  

You should know that dealer is always interested in disposing off these containers such that there would be space for more containers. You should be a good bargainer. This can assist you to reduce the cost of the product. Two things are important here and they include the quality of products you want to buy as well as the seller you are buying from. If you negotiate well there is no doubt that you make a better deal.  

If you discover imperfections on the product, you can reveal this to the dealer. This can make him sell the product to you because he needs the space to bring in another container. In addition to that, allowing the container to stay unused for a long time could lead to more deterioration.  

If you find it, hard to get them reduce the cost of the product, then you can ask free delivery. If they do, it is a good way of reducing the cost for you. Remember that it is better that you buy from a reliable dealer. You can get a better quality and a good deal. This is because these people are interested in maintaining their reputation.  

When you finally purchase after satisfying yourself that it meets all your conditions, then you can the dealer to arrange for the delivery. Depending on the arrangement you have on ground, it can take some money to transport it to you depending on the location.  …